Platform Features


The Organizational Directory provides a view of ​cordin8  Leadership and Management TeamMachines(tm) organized in a hierarchy.  Each Leadership and Management TeamMachine(tm) contains a section that holds links to related Project TeamMachines(tm).

From the Organizational Directory, a user views the "About Team" information provided by the team.  If users have permission to access the specific TeamMachine(tm), they can click on a link to navigate to it.


Our research indicates that people in organizations tend to be on 3 to 4 teams at once.  The Home Page is customized content for each user.  It serves as a "One-Stop Shop" for each user to view and update items from all teams, for which they "own" or are "assigned", such as a strategic objective, risk, backlog item, or activity.  


Schedule support ranges from a simple task list with "due dates" to a critical path method (CPM)  schedule that can synchronize with Microsoft Project.


The portfolio analyzer is a "what if" tool for management teams to use in support of selecting an prioritizing opportunities or requests in their pipeline.


Provides the team with the ability to identify measures, track and chart the values on a monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, and annual basis.


cordin8 works on popular browsers on any device, including phones and tablets.  


Standard reports include: resource (consultant) time by projects; project time by resource (consultant).

Custom reports can be developed.


Attach one or more files on any item, e.g., an issue, requirement, sales opportunity.  These files provide additional context associated with the item.  


​Digital group memory, which evolves as team members plan and update the status of their work, is valuable in the following ways:

1. Speed of communication among team members.  Team members can directly access any aspect of the digital group memory to bring themselves up-to-speed because the structure, though flexible, provides context.  Team members don't have to wait on "status" meetings to know the state of an activity.  The can also retrieve related content, such as, documents and conversations around the activity.

2. "Anytime" executive self-briefing on strategy and projects.  Executives can easily bring themselves up-to-speed, thus eliminating time spent by team members preparing briefings. 

3. "Onboarding" and "Offboarding" of members. Our research indicates that team membership changes roughly 50% over the course of a year.  New team members can easily bring themselves up-to-speed while exiting team members "leave behind" their knowledge and work products for the team to continue to use.


Brainstorming — generating ideas as a team — is a fundamental requirement for team work.  cordin8 provides the ability for team members to:  generate ideas; organize the ideas into categories; and evaluate the ideas using various rating techniques. 


Support for agile methods, such as, Scrum, Kanban.


Making a decision on the selection of a software package or vendor to provide a service are examples where a team can use the multi-criteria decision analyzer.  The team defines the criteria (e.g., requirements for a specific type of software purchase) along with the weight of each.  Then, the team identifies a list of alternatives, to score against the criteria.  

Each team member is provided a "scorecard" to rate each alternative against the criteria.  

The tool provides a set of reports, including a team average for each alternative against each criteria.  


Approval workflows provide an easy method to get sign-off on documents, such as a project charter, travel budget, or scope change request.  

An email is sent to the identified 'approver', who can approve (or reject) the item from email or from the Home Page,.


All items are stored in the "Approvals" section of the TeamMachine(tm).


cordin8 provides the capability for users to record time against projects and project activities via a time sheet.

The time sheets are forwarded to an 'authorized' manager for approval.  Once approved the time is stored with the project or activity.


Threaded-discussion on any item provides easy method for team members to discuss, or explore, areas of interest and importance in context with an item.  


At the macro level, Leadership TeamMachines(tm), specifically, Strategic Performance Management, Enterprise Risk Management are presented at the top of the hierarchy in the organizational directory.  Elaborated further down the structure are Management TeamMachines(tm),which includes a set of Project TeamMachines(tm).

The Project TeamMachines(tm) are further broken-down into the plans for the project work along with associated content: person responsible; others involved; due date; status; comments; file attachments; replies and other related information, such as issues or risks.


Reinforce "best practice" and save time creating repeatable process steps.  Store repeated tasks, or steps, in the "Process Library" and use "Get Process" to create a copy of them in your schedule or task list.  


Provides a view into the availability of resources in order to balance team member workload.


Emails are sent to users to notify them of items that have been updated, new files attached or replies added.  They are also sent to remind a user about an upcoming due date on an activity as well as an alert about over due items.


A 'red dot' next to an item is used to help guide user's to where new and/or unread content is located within cordin8.

There is also an alarm on the system bar located at the top of the cordin8 screen that will show a 'red dot' to indicate content involving the user has been modified.


Access to cordin8 requires an ID and password.  Each cordin8 TeamMachine(tm) has its own list of users who have permission.  There are four levels of access within a cordin8 TeamMachine(tm):

1. Reader - can read information and add replies.

2. Author - can create new items in addition to reading any item.  Can only edit items for which they have created or items where they are listed as the 'person responsible' or 'others involved'.

3. Editor - can add and edit any item in the cordin8 TeamMachine(tm).

4. Manager - can grant and revoke permission to the cordin8 TeamMachine(tm)


Track changes on items.  Who changed what and when.  

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