Strategy TeamMachine™

Goals / Objective

Balanced Scorecard

Sull, D., R. Homkes, C. Sull, Why Strategy Execution Unravels...and What to do about it, Harvard Business Review, March 2015

The most pressing problem with many corporate cultures is that they fail to foster coordination which is essential to execution.

With the combination of cordin8 Strategy TeamMachines™, cordin8 Portfolio TeamMachines™, and cordin8 Program | Project TeamMachines™, leaders can facilitate strategic alignment, performance visibility, communication flows, and collaborative engagement to enable the organizational agility that is needed to bring about the desired strategic performance.

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Major Features 

  • Support for different strategic performance management methods, including: Goals / Objectives, Balanced Scorecard 

  • Dashboard with objective status and trends at a glance

  • Detail of objectives and all measure status for the objectives

  • Measure dashboard and detail screens

  • Review meeting agenda definition, scheduling, notifications, recording of minutes, distribution of minutes with review & approvals using advanced workflow technology

  • Collaborative capturing and tracking of activities assigned and changes proposed

  • Capture, import and reporting of measure data

  • Ability to link and navigate to related Project TeamMachines(tm).

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