Organizational Network

"Businesses require the ability to assemble and re-assemble major components of their organizations in order to meet complex and changing competitive needs.   Synergy in the network is important so independent components can function in a unifying way."

-DeSanctis, Poole, Dickson, Jackson, and McDonald.  "Teams & Technology Study", sponsored by a joint National Science Foundation (NSF) & Texaco grant, 1991.



You can use cordin8 TeamMachines(tm) standalone, or you can link them together to form an organizational network:

  • Single platform / single data source

  • Common interface for all teams

  • Common structure/processes for teams that do similar work

  • Ability to automate data movement between teams 

  • Ability for users to discover other teams and navigate to them

all of which maximize speed and agility.

The organizational network consists of one or more organizational nodes, as shown below.   It is comprised of three rings:


  1. Executive.  Strategy, Enterprise Risks

  2. Oversight - Cascaded Strategy

  3. Work Unit - Operations, Programs


The organizational network is built by linking together organizational nodes. These organizational nodes are connected together through strategy as well as listed in a hierarchy in the organizational directory.

The Organizational Network is represented in the cordin8 Organizational Directory, which is accessible at any time by clicking the organizational chart icon ("A").  By clicking on the name in the directory, the About Team page, which is maintained by the team, is displayed.  If users have permission to the TeamMachine(tm), they will see the TeamMachine(tm) link icon ("B").  They can click the link to navigate to it.


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