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Initiative Teams

Real-time Initiative Performance Dashboard

  • Plans, Actuals, and Forecasts

  • Milestones

  • Resources (Actual, Remaining, and Forecast)

  • Work Packages

  • Risks, Issues, and Changes

Business Case Document

  • Initiative justification document

  • Customizable

  • Organized

  • Publishable and presentable

  • Collaborative

  • Review and Approval processes

  • Assumptions, Approach, Costs, Benefits, Risks, Recommendations, etc.

Requirements Plan

  • Organized

  • Review and Approval processes

  • Options for Functional and User Requirements...and also Features

  • Publishable and presentable

  • Traceable

  • Gap Analysis

Schedule & Budget

  • Multiple views, e.g., Gantt, Table, Filtered, etc.

  • High-level timeline of initiative

  • % complete, start / finish dates, dependencies, and resources

  • Plan and track labor, non-labor costs

  • Comments / Replies / File Attachments

  • RACI Notifications based on changes


  • Easy for all team members to read  / understand Kanban

  • Identifies areas involved, accountable names, dates, etc.

  • Track due and overdue

  • Includes a Calendar view 


  • Track resource needs (groups, teams, skills, individuals)

  • Estimate project needs (hours needed, time on calendar, roles, etc.)

  • Identify capacity and over-capacity issues

Benefits Tracking

  • Benefits Register to identify benefits to track

  • Easy to capture "actual" values

  • Cascading

RACI Notifications / Alerts

  • Notification to those listed as responsible, accountable, consulted, or informed when approvals are needed, information is changed, or replies are made to items in a  TeamMachine™

  • Clickable notification / alert to open item and view changes or replies

Collaborative Smart Documents

  • All team members can access, add to, update / change

  • Include images

  • Add replies 

  • Attach files

  • Easy to organize / outline

  • Easy to read

  • Publishable and presentable

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