Team Management

Major Features 

  • Objectives section to plan and track team objectives with ability to attach files, discussion, comments.

  • Ability to capture and track "Key Results" and/or "Action Plans" for each objective

  • Issue section to capture and track issues along with corresponding "Action Plan" for each.

  • Meeting log to retain meeting history (agenda, minutes, action items, files)

  • Measures to identify and track team measures, or KPIs.

  • Approval workflow to manage document approvals (e.g., travel proposal)

  • Supports templates for forms and processes, document management and customized views, reports and data fields

Identify and track Key Results for a specific Objective and/or create an Action Plan for the objective.
Issues, Challenges, Ad Hoc Items for Team
Action Plan for selected Issue
Team Meeting Log (Agenda, Minutes, Action Items)
Meeting Minutes
Measures (KPIs)
Brainstorming feature.  Team generates ideas on specific topics.  Each team member can generate ideas to contribute to the team anonymously. 
Brainstorming feature.  Team facilitator works with team to "categorize" or "group" the ideas that have been generated.  Ideas can then be 'evaluated' using rating techniques.


I'm not bombarded by information, yet I have access to information I may need.

In a meeting, there is not always time to contribute.  In e-mail, I'm in dispatch mode.  In a cordin8 TeamMachine™, I can be more thoughtful and focused.

As a leader, I can find out what's going on without getting in anyone's way.

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