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Enterprise Teaming Platform

Smarter Technology | Smarter Teaming | Improved Performance

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Digital Brainstorming

Unleash creativity - generate ideas anonymously.

Idea Evaluation

Evaluate ideas anonymously using rich set of evaluation techniques - fixed point allocation, ratings, two-dimensional rating, and custom.

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Team Results

Results display average rating, range (min, max), and standard deviation (indicator for team member agreement / disagreement).

Team Decision Support

Develop and weight criteria to judge alternatives. Each team member gets a scorecard to rate each alternative against the criteria. Results calculated based on weighted average.

Product Feature Prioritization / "MoSCoW" Technique


Product Feature Prioritization, Problem-Solving ("Fishbone"), Force Field Analysis, SWOT Analysis, Stakeholder Analysis, Requirements Development, Risk Analysis, Vendor Selection, and many more.

Problem-Solving / "Fishbone"
Change Management / "Force Field Analysis"
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cordin8 TeamMachines


All-in-one digital workspace to manage team goals, coordinate teamwork, develop team "work products", and automate approval workflow.  Work with other teams in a unifying manner.  

Enterprise Strategy

Real-time strategic performance that programmatically retrieves data from associated initiatives. 


Robust Project Management

"Living" Initiative (Project) Plan, Requirements, and Benefits Plan all in one place.

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Approval Workflow 

Create and track review and approval workflow processes both parallel and serial.

RACI Notifications

When activities, risks, and issues are updated, those who have been identified as "Responsible", "Accountable", "Consulted", and/or "Informed" are alerted.

Department Strategy

Departments, business units, workgroups track their strategy, which is aligned with the enterprise strategy, in real-time.

Portfolio of Initiatives

Manage and track the flow of initiatives that support the department's strategy.

Collaborative Notebooks

Team members contribute and organize content as part of developing a team "work product".

Organizational Directory of Teams

Quick navigation to teams working together throughout the organization. 



Individuals have their own personal workspace to use for managing professional development plans, leadership development plans, succession plans, and more.

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