Business Meeting
Accelerate strategy execution FASTER 
  • Strategy development & implementation

  • Business transformations

  • Research programs

  • Crisis response initiatives

  • Marketing programs

  • International development programs

  • Cybersecurity programs

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Formulate Vision & Strategy

Teams use the cordin8 brainstorming feature to: generate vision elements; conduct SWOT, SOAR, or PESTLE analysis; and formulate strategic objectives.   

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Setup Strategic Initiative Hubs

Each strategic initiative has one or more components that create the products, outcomes, results, and intellectual property specified by one or more strategic objectives.  The cordin8 TeamMachine™ for an initiative is the coordination hub for the delivery teams. 

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Plan components

There is a corresponding cordin8 TeamMachine™, which supports classic project management methods and agile techniques, for each strategic initiative.  

Deliver Components

Team members use their cordin8 TeamMachine™ to keep each other up-to-date and the work coordinated.

Agile Program Home
Agile Program Home

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Review Strategy & Adjust 

The interactive dashboard enables stakeholders to engage in the review and adjustments of the strategy.

Brainstorming is a fundamental team tool for "figuring-it-out" work 

cordin8 provides a rich set of capabilities to enable divergent thinking so the team can explore potential pathways.  Then, reduce, combine, and refine possibilities in order to converge on a vision, strategy, plan, recommendation, position, or decision. 

  • Strategic Planning Workshops

  • Project Planning Workshops

  • Agile Team Estimating

  • Technology / Vendor Selection Workshops

  • and more

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  • Vision elements


  • MoSCoW technique

  • Agile estimating

  • Strategies

  • Risks

  • Requirements

  • Product ideas

  • Product features

  • Recommendations

  • Research topics

  • Selection criteria

Supports co-located team meetings and workshops. Combine with web-conference for remote.

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1.  Each team member submits ideas anonymously 

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2.  Each team member evaluates ideas anonymously  

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3.  Discuss Team Results & Categorize 

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The design center for cordin8 is an inter-connected network of cross-functional teams.  It can scale from a working group to a department, division, or function as well as to an enterprise.  

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