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Improve organizational performance by improving team performance powered by cordin8

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cordin8 TeamMachines         are digital workspaces 

  • configured with "Best Practice" frameworks  

  • support team goal setting and tracking

  • facilitate collaborative teamwork and decision-making


With a common interface and data structure, cordin8 facilitates a consistent user experience and inter-team communication as well as automates consolidated team reporting and analysis.  

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"We have team members in the US, Canada, UK, and Germany.  Because our project management capabilities are lacking, we weren't explicitly defining who's responsible for what and by when. So, naturally, things fall through the crack.


In cordin8, not only do you establish a practice of defining roles and responsibilities, but you provide brief daily updates in the context of actions, which are visible to everyone, at any time, independent of where a team member is located. Role clarity combined with informed team members sets the stage for top performance." 

   -- Global R&D 

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Teams use cordin8 TeamMachinesTM to organize, set objectives, track measures, and collaboratively plan their work and execute their plan to produce value.

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Project teams  are initiated by management teams across the company to deliver on a set of objectives. 

Problem-solving teams, similar to project teams, are initiated by management teams to study, or investigate, a problem, opportunity, or situation and provide recommendations. 

Management teams -- R&D, Marketing, IT, Finance, Legal, HR, etc.-- set and track management objectives; assess, select, prioritize and schedule projects; review project progress; and manage resources.

Executive teams create a vision; plan and execute strategy.

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"One of our challenges is inter-team synchronicity.  During clinical trials, we have a team recruiting people  and another manufacturing the drug.  These two teams need to complete at the same time. 


We don't want people ready to participate in the trial and no drug, nor do we want a drug ready and nobody to test it. 


In cordin8, you identify team members from each team on each other's activities.  As brief daily updates are made to them, these team members are notified in real-time.  Now, each team knows where the other is and can act accordingly.    

   -- Bio-tech Company 

Project Teams

Core elements of the Project TeamMachinesTM include:

  • Project Performance Dashboard

  • Charter

  • Stakeholder Register (Analysis)

  • Requirements

  • WBS 

  • Work Package Development

  • Schedule

  • Costs

  • Resources

  • Support logs (risks, issues, change, lessons learned, meetings)

  • Project specific documents

These are tailored to both the level of project complexity and project specifics.

 Performance Dashboard.  Alerts about updates and progress on most relevant items.    



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Team members work on different sections of Requirements

Requirements - replies.png

Team members provide input, feedback, references, files

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Nobody wants an unread count that continues to grow indefinitely because you have an active workspace(s) and you can't get to them fast enough. Yet, you need guidance to direct you to the most current and relevant content.  


cordin8's unique aging unreads feature automatically clears unreads based on a window of time set by the user.  If something was new 2 days ago and you haven't read it, it's likely that the urgency to read it has past. 

If you set "2 days" as the window, cordin8 will clear it after 2 days have past without you having to take any action which retains the usefulness of your unread indicator to new and relevant team content.

Team members use "Planning Worksheet" view to plan Work Packages

Work Package Planning.png

Resource estimate for work package

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Team members work collaboratively on a project specific deliverable

Project Specific - training plan.png

Project manager and team product monthly status report, which automatically extracts content from other sections, to route to the project sponsor and stakeholders.

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"While it's still fresh from the workshop, each team member needs to do 3 things:


  1. Capture your thoughts on each 'recommendation', including references to external content

  2. Take (sign-up for) a "recommendation" and develop it.  

  3. Read what others have written on the recommendations and provide feedback.

-- Steering Team, IT-Enabled STEM Education


Problem-Solving Teams

Problem-solving teams are similar to project teams.  They are typically created to study, or investigate, a problem, opportunity, or situation and provide recommendations.

Team members sign-up to develop Recommendations.  

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 "..." menu to access "Replies" to provide input, link to external content, and provide feedback.

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1.  Performance Dashboard  

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Recommendations in the Doc Print View


 Performance Dashboard

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About Team / Team Charter 

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Action Plan per Objective.  Team members update status and provide brief progress updates.

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Discussion.  Team members share and explore big ideas.  

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Independent of functional responsibility -- R&D, IT, Finance, Legal, Marketing, etc. -- management teams are mini-PMOs (project management offices) that have the responsibility of assessing, selecting, prioritizing, and tracking projects and resources.

Management Teams

Whether R&D, shared services, marketing, or consulting, management teams across the enterprise:


1. Set and track management team performance objectives;

2. Assess, select, prioritize projects

3. Track and review performance of project teams

Performance Dashboard  

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Assess, select, prioritize projects

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Consolidated Schedule of Projects.  Each project on the schedule retrieves the latest data from the linked Project TeamMachineTM

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Agile Portfolio Kanban (Epics)

agile port.png

Lean Business Case (Epic)

Lean Busi case.png

Businesses require the ability to assemble and re-assemble major components of their organization in order to meet complex and changing competitive needs.  Synergy in the network is important so that independent components can function in a unifying way.

org structure 1.jpg

Agile Program Team - Performance Dashboard (PI Objectives)

Agile Dashboard.png

Agile Program Team Kanban (Features)

Program Kanban.png

Agile Program Board (Features)

agile prog board.png

Agile Team Kanban (Stories)

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  • Visioning

  • Planning Strategy

  • Executing Strategy


Executive Teams

Balanced Scorecard and Enterprise Risk Management.

Performance of Strategic Objectives.  Health colored Initiatives Progress Bar and KPIs health and trend.


Detailed Status of Strategic Objective


Initiative Detail (from linked cordin8 TeamMachineTM)

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"Don't lose those little bits and pieces of information garnered from team members during the planning workshops (e.g., creating the WBS). They are so important, critical, in fact, later on."

-- Integration Manager, Oil & Gas Company


Anonymous brainstorming -- idea generation, categorization, evaluation -- is useful for many different team activities, including:

  • SWOT, SOAR, PESTLE analysis

  • "Fishbone" technique (root-cause analysis)

  • Risk identification

  • New service possibilities

  • Product requirements,

  • Work breakdown structure development.

Idea Generation

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Idea Evaluation

Idea eval scoring.png

Results sorted in descending order. Top ideas at top.

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Simplify. Standardize. Transform


a patchwork of "islands of innovation" to a dynamic networked organization

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 Enterprise Teaming 

Putting it all together

Linking cordin8 TeamMachinesTM   together establishes a digital infrastructure for collaborative enterprise teaming to produce value. 

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(c) The Grove Consultants International 

Bold Vision

Big Ideas

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Delivery Teams

Select & Plan Projects 

Strategic Objectives

 User's Home Page

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