Business Meeting
Accelerate change FASTER 
  • Strategy execution

  • Business transformations

  • Research programs

  • Crisis response initiatives

  • Marketing programs

  • International development programs

  • Cybersecurity programs

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Change is driven by networks of cross-functional teams

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Also by networks of innovation & research teams

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As well as by cross-company networks of joint teams

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Enabling cross-functional teamwork

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Upstream - "Figuring-it-out" / planning with cordin8 Brainstorming

Downstream - "Scoping, scheduling, engaging, delivering" with cordin8 TeamMachines™

cordin8 Brainstorming supports planning

Whether "figuring out" a strategy or planning an initiative, cordin8 provides a rich set of capabilities that enable teams to generate ideas for exploring.  Then, reduce, combine, and refine those possibilities in order to converge on a vision, strategy, plan, recommendation, position, or decision. 

  • Strategic Planning Workshops

  • Project Planning Workshops

  • Requirements Workshops

  • Agile Team Estimating

  • Technology / Vendor Selection Workshops

  • and more

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Brainstorm SWOT.png
  • Vision elements


  • MoSCoW technique

  • Agile estimating

  • Strategies

  • Risks

  • Requirements

  • Product ideas

  • Product features

  • Recommendations

  • Research topics

  • Selection criteria

Supports co-located team meetings and workshops. Combine with web-conference for remote.

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1.  Each team member submits ideas anonymously 

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2.  Each team member evaluates ideas anonymously  

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3.  Discuss Team Results & Categorize 

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  • Efficient use of time because evaluation results help guide and focus the team discussion

  • Documentation by saving output to cordin8 TeamMachine™ or CSV formatted file (e.g., Excel)



  • Fast idea generation because everyone enters ideas at same time

  • Creativity, diversity of opinion because everyone generates and evaluates ideas anonymously


cordin8 TeamMachines™ support scoping, scheduling, engaging

cordin8 TeamMachines™ are collaborative workspaces designed for integrated, cross-functional teamwork:

  • Strategy cordin8 TeamMachine™

  • Initiative cordin8 TeamMachine™

  • Project cordin8 TeamMachine™ 

  • Agile Program cordin8 TeamMachines™

  • and more

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Formulate Vision & Strategy

Teams build and engage with stakeholders in the Strategy cordin8 TeamMachine™.    

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Setup Strategic Initiatives 

Teams use Program and  Project TeamMachines™ to plan and execute the work necessary to delivery on strategic results.  These TeamMachines™ are linked to a Strategy TeamMachine™ for real-time reporting and user navigation.

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Plan & Execute Projects

Teams use the Project TeamMachine™ to plan and coordinate their work. These TeamMachines™  may link directly to a Strategy TeamMachine™ or a Program TeamMachine™ for real-time reporting and user navigation.

Agile Release Trains

Teams can organize and coordinate multiple teams in an Agile Program TeamMachine™.

Agile Program Home
Agile Program Home

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Agile Program Home
Agile Program Home

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Review Strategy & Adjust 

The dashboard retrieves content from the Program & Project TeamMachines™. The interactive dashboard enables stakeholders to engage in the review and adjustments of the strategy. 

  • Efficient team member coordination and stakeholder engagement with digital team memory 

  • Visibility and multi-team coordination with cordin8 TeamMachine™ integration   



  • Fast start-up with pre-configured cordin8 TeamMachines™

  • Continuous improvement with embedded 'best practice' methods (forms, tools, dashboards)

  • Informed team members through RACI notifications


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The design center for cordin8 is an inter-connected network of cross-functional teams.  It can scale from a working group to a department, division, or function as well as to an enterprise.

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