Enterprise teaming platform for any size organization

Integrated system of teams executing the organization's strategy

Better results through more effective teaming

  • "Figuring-it-out" team problem-solving

  • Best practice strategic, enterprise risk, portfolio, program and project management

  • Balanced participation and divergence of ideas

  • Robust team coordination

  • Commitment

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Stand-alone cordin8 TeamMachines™

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Leadership Team TeamMachine™
$99/yr - unlimited users
Includes 1 hour Start-up Service

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Working Group TeamMachine™
$99/yr - unlimited users

Includes 1 hour Start-up Service

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Predictive Project Team TeamMachine™
$599/yr - unlimited users

Includes 4 hour Start-up Service

Departmental Teaming

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$45/user/year (billed annually) - unlimited cordin8 TeamMachines™ (minimum 25 users)

Enterprise Teaming

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$45/user/year (billed annually) - unlimited cordin8 TeamMachines™ (minimum 25 users)

For any size organization challenged by the new world of hybrid work where teams often work together remotely, cordin8 is unique digital infrastructure, complementing web-conferencing, that helps organizations get better results through more effective anytime, anyplace enterprise teaming. 

Team coordination issues that exist when working face-to-face become even more problematic when team members are working remotely.

  • Lack of clear, aspiring goal

  • Lack of clear roles & accountability

  • Uneven participation in meetings

  • Inefficient meetings

  • Poor, or insufficient, planning

  • Poor communication among team members

  • Poor information management (easily accessible information)

  • Lack of methods for documenting issues raised and decisions made

  • Inability to assess individual performance and provide feedback

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cordin8 uniquely addresses the challenges of remote / hybrid teamwork 

cordin8 TeamMachines™ are designed for anytime, anyplace enterprise teaming.  They keep the team organized and team members up-to-date especially with dependent activities.  


  1. Digital group memory

  2. Collaborative support

  3. Real-time dependency communication

  4. Inter-team information exchange, workflow, reporting / dashboarding, user navigation

  5. Team decision support / Brainstorming

Digital Group Memory:

Context, Continuity and Change Communication

cordin8 TeamMachines™ are structured using the organization's management frameworks for strategy, enterprise risks, portfolio, program, project and agile delivery methods. 

  • Enable context for team members to orient themselves 

  • Create continuity for team members as they progress activities and goals

  • With cordin8's common data structure, enable information exchange between teams

Support for Anytime, Anyplace Figuring It Out Together  work

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Collaborative Schedule 

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Real-time Dependency Communication 

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Inter-team information exchange

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Approval workflow


Contextual Assistance / Help

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Unique aging unread feature automatically clears unread indicator based on user-set window.  

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Nobody wants an unread count that continues to grow indefinitely because you have an active digital space and you can't get to them fast enough. Yet, you need guidance to direct you to the most current and relevant content.  


cordin8's unique aging unreads feature automatically clears unreads based on a window of time set by the user.  If something was new 2 days ago and you haven't read it, it's likely that the urgency to read it has past. 

If you set "2 days" as the window, cordin8 will clear the 'unread' indicator after 2 days have past without you having to take any action which retains the usefulness of your unread indicator to new and relevant team content.

Problems in meetings

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  • One or two members are extremely quiet and do not participate 

  • Discussion is dominated by one or two members

  • Sometimes meetings contain a series of 'mini-speeches' by a few members rather than an active exchange of ideas

  • Meetings are overly mired in detail that should be taken care of outside of the meeting

  • Much more information dissemination than problem-solving or consensus-building

  • During periods of information dissemination, not much is accomplished

cordin8 Brainstorming improves  meetings 

cordin8 Brainstorming provides anonymous idea generation, categorization, evaluation; and multi-criteria decision models.  It is  useful for many different team activities, including: 

  • Setting the agenda for a meeting

  • Strategy formulation (e.g., Objectives/Strategies; OKRs)

  • SWOT, SOAR, PESTLE analysis

  • "Fishbone" technique (root-cause analysis)

  • Risk identification

  • New service possibilities

  • Product requirements,

  • Work breakdown structure development.

Combine cordin8 with web-conferencing to improve remote meetings 

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