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Enabling agility for business teams working together to realize their organization's vision

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Digital Office Complex 

Architected collaborative infrastructure designed to support teams working together in a unifying manner to deliver on strategy.


We help your business teams work together more efficiently and effectively to achieve strategic results and accelerate time-to-value

Better knowledge

Big ideas require significant thinking work by teams of people. Our collaborative infrastructure helps them do just that.

Better decisions

With one source of strategy execution content, everyone can access real-time context to make informed decisions. 

Better governance

Having real-time visibility into the network of teams delivering on strategy enables sound governance.


In a word, EnterpriseMachine™

Our holistic system design combines the needs of individuals, teams, and organizations with a vision delivery framework to enable teams and individual contributors to work together to achieve the organization's vision.

Strategic management

We provide digital workspaces designed for business teams to work together to create, track, and execute strategy.

Change management across the organization

Not only do we support each team with the ability to define and manage change, but we also provide an organizational view of all changes. 

Performance management

We provide a measure tracking capability for teams to track their actual performance against targets. 

Personal objective management

We provide individuals with PersonalMachines™ to create and track personal plans that align their objectives with their work unit's and integrate with performance management.

Financial management

We provide capabilities for teams to breakdown deliverables to estimate expenses and track actual costs.

Enterprise risk management 

With cordin8, a team can identify, assess, and prepare for potential losses, dangers, hazards, and other potentials for harm that may interfere with an organization's operations and objectives.

Rich capabilities for teams to produce collaborative work products 

Our collaborative notebooks with collaborative smart documents enable teams to produce work products that reflect their thinking.

Collaborative action planning and tracking

We provide teams with the ability to create and track their workplans using Kanban boards, schedules, lists, and calendars.

Real-time RACI notifications to keep those that need-to-know in the know

With cordin8, teams identify those who are responsible, accountable, consulted, and informed (RACI) in action-based items for both clarification and communication purposes. 

Unmatched team decision support capabilities for strategic thinking and team problem solving

With the cordin8 IdeaMachine™, users combine anonymous idea generation with powerful team decision models including multi-criteria decision analysis, fishbone, force field analysis, SWOT analysis, PESTLE analysis, and more.

Enable enterprise teaming 

Delivering a vision requires teams aligned to a strategy and working together as a whole.

Business teams work together as a whole organization

cordin8 EnterpriseMachine™ is comprised of digital workspaces -- cordin8 TeamMachines™ and PersonalMachines™ -- that map to the organizational structure and are linked together by the organizational directory.

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Fast communication

Successfully coordinating the activities for strategy execution requires timely communication. Our collaborative infrastructure helps them do just that.

Continuous engagement

Sharing information, gaining insights, and increasing support leads to better decisions and outcomes. We provide stakeholders with access to real-time status and context.

Accelerate time-to-value

cordin8 EnterpriseMachine™ replaces multiple systems, files, and emails as the backbone of strategy work to drive teams to learn faster and enhance clarity to adjust and guide their path forward.

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Enable your teams to gain


Vision, objectives, scope, results




Goals, teamwork plan


Teamwork, team performance


Products, outcomes, results, intellectual assets


New processes, new technologies


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Create strategy together

Engage your business leaders in crafting a strategy that will deliver on your vision.

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Execute strategy collaboratively

Enable your teams to work together to deliver the strategic results

Manage change successfully circle.png

Manage change successfully

Support your change leaders in preparing the organization for the impacts of new structures, processes, and technologies.

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Attain personal results

Help your people develop and track their personal plans to achieve their objectives that align to the business.

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Ignite team thinking work

Expand your strategic thinking and team problem-solving capabilities.

Team Thinking


Teams experience digital teaming and governing using cordin8

The leadership team uses cordin8 to craft a vision for an implementation of a CRM system. The initiative team uses cordin8 to identify criteria, conduct vendor research, evaluate the alternatives against the criteria, and prepare a decision package for its recommendation.

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