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Re-engineered Collaborative Organization

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Islands of Digital Teams

Teams have collaborative information needs, not just a serial hand-off.  Yet, teams keep information in their own "digital islands" -- formats and storage locations -- impeding coordination, which, in turn, impedes project and strategic success.

Re-engineering the Vision Delivery Process

cordin8 Brainstorming & Team Decision Support used by all teams throughout all phases. cordin8 TeamMachines™ enable organizational teams to work together.

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Quick access to relevant content


Organizational Team Network Connector

cordin8 User Home Page

RACI Alerts

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cordin8 Brainstorming & Team Decision Support for planning

Whether "figuring out" a strategy or planning an initiative, cordin8 provides a rich set of capabilities that enable teams to generate ideas for exploring.  Then, reduce, combine, and refine those possibilities in order to converge on a vision, strategy, plan, recommendation, position, or decision. 

  • Strategic Planning Workshops

  • Project Planning Workshops

  • Requirements Workshops

  • Agile Team Estimating

  • Technology / Vendor Selection Workshops

  • and more

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  • Vision elements


  • MoSCoW technique

  • Agile estimating

  • Strategies

  • Risks

  • Requirements

  • Product ideas

  • Product features

  • Recommendations

  • Research topics

  • Selection criteria

Supports co-located team meetings and workshops. Combine with web-conference for remote.

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1.  Each team member submits ideas anonymously 

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2.  Each team member evaluates ideas anonymously  

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3.  Discuss Team Results & Categorize 

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  • Efficient use of time because evaluation results help guide and focus the team discussion

  • Documentation by saving output to cordin8 TeamMachine™ or CSV formatted file (e.g., Excel)



  • Fast idea generation because everyone enters ideas at same time

  • Creativity, diversity of opinion because everyone generates and evaluates ideas anonymously


cordin8 TeamMachines™ - the one place to coordinate organizational teamwork

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Major components

  • Objectives, Goals, Measures, Workplan

  • Real-time RACI notifications

  • Team Decision Support

  • Collaborative Smart Documents and Approvals Workflow

Unifying sections across organization enable information flows between teams, facilitate navigation, and accelerate team member orientation.

Configurable, Scalable, Integratable, Connectable

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Identify and Monitor Objectives

Objectives, Goals, Measures, Workplan

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Create and track strategy

Create and track project proposals 

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Create and track high-level plan of project deliverables

Create and Track Activities

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Real-time RACI Alerts

Real-time alert to updates for RACI  (Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed) items

Team Decision Support

Scorecard for team members to rate alternatives (e.g., vendors) against criteria (e.g., requirements)

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Team members evaluate strategy options

Team calendar to track meeting agendas, minutes, action items, decisions, and more

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Share and discuss "hot topics" on the team's Radar

Collaborative Smart Documents, Approval Workflow

Create documents collaboratively for team reports, requirements, features, recommendations, and other deliverables

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Approval page

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