Project Management

Major Features 

  • Support for managing a single, large project including the ability to synchronize with Microsoft(r) Project.

  • Support for Results-Based Structure (RBS) project approach

  • Dashboard with Project Roadmap, 6-month outlook of milestones, highlight of issues/risks, and status of deliverables

  • Schedule with  bi-directional ability to sync with Microsoft® Project

  • Resources section to manage resource allocation

  • Costs section to track project expenditures

  • Issue / Risk / Change tracking

  • Meeting log to retain meeting history (agenda, minutes, files)

  • Requirements and Gap Management sections for identifying and tracking requirements and gaps.

  • Approval workflow to manage document approvals (e.g., charter)

  • Supports templates for forms and processes, document management and customized views, reports and data fields

Project Roadmap shows a high-level status of the project.
High-level status of Activities, Risks, Issues, and Deliverables,  Project managers easily interact with team leads around major project deliverables
Team Members (TM) provide quick updates daily for review by the Team Lead and other team members.
Schedule - synchronize with Microsoft Project. 
Track plan and actual costs (hours, $).
Stakeholder Register
Brainstorming feature for team members to generate and evaluate ideas.
Team members evaluate ideas generated by team.
Results of team evaluation.  


I'm not bombarded by information, yet I have access to information I may need.

In a meeting, there is not always time to contribute.  In e-mail, I'm in dispatch mode.  In a cordin8 TeamMachine™, I can be more thoughtful and focused.

As a leader, I can find out what's going on without getting in anyone's way.

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