Strategic Performance Management

Major Features 

  • Support for different strategic performance management methods, including: Goals / Objectives, Balanced Scorecard, OKRs,  

  • Dashboard with objective status and trends at a glance

  • Detail of objectives and all measure status for the objectives

  • Measure dashboard and detail screens

  • Review meeting agenda definition, scheduling, notifications, recording of minutes, distribution of minutes with review & approvals using advanced workflow technology

  • Collaborative capturing and tracking of activities assigned and changes proposed

  • Capture, import and reporting of measure data

  • Ability to link and navigate to related Project TeamMachines(tm).

Dashboard - High-level status of Strategic Objectives: Progress (%complete); Health; Major Risks / Issues (if any); Commentary last updated
Dashboard - Detailed status of Strategic Objective showing "measure values" (KPIs)
Dashboard - Detail Status of Strategic Objective showing initiative status: 1. Milestones; 2. Major Risks / Issues; 3. Latest Commentary
Tracking Major Risks / Issues for strategic objective
On-going discussion ("Replies") are organized with each strategic objective.
Attach or access relevant files/documents associated with strategic objective
Brainstorming feature enables each team member to generates and evaluates ideas
Team member evaluates ("rates") ideas generated by the team.
Results of idea evaluation.  Displays average team member rating; the "minimum" and "maximum" rating; and the standard deviation.  The results assist the team with determining outcome.
Update "measure" (actual) for strategic objective
From the Strategy Dashboard, you can navigate to Program Management TeamMachine(tm) associated with the strategic objective to view the Program Dashboard and other program details, such as schedule and costs.
From the Program Dashboard, you can navigate to the Project TeamMachine(tm) associated with the program to view the Project Dashboard and other project details.


I'm not bombarded by information, yet I have access to information I may need.

In a meeting, there is not always time to contribute.  In e-mail, I'm in dispatch mode.  In a cordin8 TeamMachine™, I can be more thoughtful and focused.

As a leader, I can find out what's going on without getting in anyone's way.

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