Operations Management

Major Features 

  • Operations Management Teams: Business Development, Engineering, Finance, HR, IT, Legal, Marketing, Quality, R&D, Supply Chain

  • Pipeline section with user-configurable stages and gates manage work portfolio (e.g., ideas, opportunities, requests)

  • In addition to customizable fields for Pipeline section, it also includes: file attachments, discussion, history (of changes), action plan

  • Schedule section  provides consolidated schedule of all project work

  • Distributed updating on status of projects in schedule: major issues/risks; milestones, commentary

  • Review meeting agenda definition, scheduling, notifications, recording of minutes, distribution of minutes with review & approvals using advanced workflow technology

  • Ability to link and navigate to related Project TeamMachines(tm)


Stage Gate Pipeline Board View
Stage Gate Decision Log for each Pipeline Item (Proposal)
Consolidated Project Schedule
Dashboard - Executive Summary


I'm not bombarded by information, yet I have access to information I may need.

In a meeting, there is not always time to contribute.  In e-mail, I'm in dispatch mode.  In a cordin8 TeamMachine™, I can be more thoughtful and focused.

As a leader, I can find out what's going on without getting in anyone's way.

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