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Portfolio Teams

Real-time Pipeline Dashboard

  • View summary stats on portfolio pipeline

  • Total ideas, proposals, and initiatives

  • Customizable

Initiative Pipeline

  • Track initiative proposals through stages from "Proposed" through "Harvesting"

  • Customizable stages

  • Each card contains fields for a score, costs, benefits, risks, technical complexity, and additional configurable fields

  • Customizable views of data

Portfolio Analyzer

  • "What If" analysis to support initiative selection and prioritization

  • Customizable

  • Create and store "Scenarios"

Initiatives by Objectives

  • Map of initiatives cross-referenced with strategic objectives supported

  • Initiative health

  • Initiative progress

Portfolio Roadmap

  • Timeline of approved initiatives

  • Customizable

  • Drill-down to Initiative TeamMachine™ for details

Real-time Portfolio Performance Dashboard

  • View performance of all approved initiatives

  • Plan vs Estimate-at-Completion (EAC)


  • Risks, Issues, Changes, etc.

Portfolio Resources

  • Display of portfolio resources

  • Aids in start / stop decisions

  • Over / under capacity

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