Program Management Team

Major Features

  • Support to manage a collection of related projects using either classic waterfall or agile methodology. 

  • Links to Project TeamMachines™  - Base Project TeamMachine™, Project TeamMachine™, and/or Agile TeamMachine™ are linked to Program schedule for consolidated reporting and drill-down.

  • Dashboard with Program, 6-month outlook of milestones, highlight of issues/risks, and status of projects within program

  • Schedule with  bi-directional ability to sync with Microsoft® Project

  • Resources to manage resource allocation

  • Costs to track project expenditures

  • Issue / Risk / Change tracking

  • Meeting log to retain meeting history (agenda, minutes, files)

  • Requirements and Gap Management sections for identifying and tracking requirements and gaps.

  • Approval workflow to manage document approvals (e.g., charter)

  • Supports templates for forms and processes, document management and customized views, reports and data fields

  • Ability to link and navigate to related Project TeamMachines(tm)

Classic (Waterfall) - Dashboard - Executive Summary
Status of Projects within Program
High-level status of Projects within the Program
Project summary: Milestone status; Major Risks / Issues; Latest Commentary.
Brainstorming feature supports team member idea generation and evaluation.
Team members evaluation list of ideas generated by team.
Results of idea evaluation


I'm not bombarded by information, yet I have access to information I may need.

In a meeting, there is not always time to contribute.  In e-mail, I'm in dispatch mode.  In a cordin8 TeamMachine™, I can be more thoughtful and focused.

As a leader, I can find out what's going on without getting in anyone's way.

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