cordin8 for successful strategy execution 

Teams are the engine of today’s modern organizations.  They are formed to deliver value for the business.  cordin8 TeamMachines™, which run on the cordin8 platform, are objective, outcome and action-oriented, collaborative, digital workspaces designed for high-performance teaming.  


For our customers, cordin8 TeamMachines™ provide a seamless user experience that supports strategy execution in team-based organizations so that they can make better and faster decisions without having to spend the time and money to integrate and operate various products together that require skills that they typically do not have. 

cordin8 Executive TeamMachine(tm) 
OKRs, Action Plan, Issues, and more
cordin8 Business Team TeamMachine(tm)
OKRs, Schedule, Issues, Risks, Meetings, and more
cordin8 Brainstorming
Idea generation and evaluation for teams
cordin8 Balanced Scorecard TeamMachine(tm)
Performance dashboard, strategic objectives, KPIs, portfolio, initiatives
cordin8 Program & Project TeamMachine(tm)
PMBOK(r) Guide-based: charter; stakeholder register/analysis, WBS, schedule, risks, issues, scope change, meetings, requirements, team-based multi-criteria decision support, projects within programs, performance dashboard, and more
cordin8 SAFe Agile TeamMachine(tm) 
Agile Portfolio TeamMachine(tm), Agile Program TeamMachine(tm), and Agile Team TeamMachine(tm)
cordin8(tm) platform
Organizational Directory, "My Work", Notifications

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